Join The Site

Anyone can view the site, though only mebers can contribute by editing and adding content in order to enrich the overall site in a collaborative way.

How to join

There are three steps you need to complete to join the site and begin contributing.

First you need to read all of the site's informational pages. These will tell you the site's guidelines, what is acceptable to write, and information on how to write pages. You should start at the 'start here' tab on the side navigation.

Second, you need to register and create a user account with Wikidot. Next, when logged in to Wikidot, you need to come back to this page to join the site.

Registering with Wikidot

If you are interested in joining this site, then you first need to register for a Wikidot account. Wikidot is the service used to create and host this website.

If you already have a Wikidot account, then please login using the 'login' link below, and then return to this page and apply to join the site.

If you do not already have a Wikidot account, then you can begin registration here. The registration process will involve providing a valid email address that a verification code can be sent to. Once you have this code, follow the link in the email to enter the code and complete your Wikidot registration. Details about the information and data collected from registered users, and the limited use it is put to, can be found on the privacy policy page.
When you have registered and logged in, please return to this page to join the site.

Joining the site

In order to join you must have registered with Wikidot, and be logged in. The third step to join is to enter the password, which you will know if you have read all of the site's informational pages. You can join below. (THIS WILL BE ENABLED IN THE FUTURE)

You can not apply.
Membership via password is not enabled for this site.
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