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Welcome to the Super Mario 64 Legends Wiki!

This website was created by Agent Skyes on Wikidot with Fereal's Monobook template, which was created by leiger, pieterh, Ed Johnson does not match any existing user name, and tsangk. This website was made as a place for people to write stories related to the Super Mario 64 Personalization mythos. These articles could be about many different things within that mythos, but stray away from documentation of in-game anomalies, and reach more into the territory of stories based outside of the game and related to the conspiracy itself. We have a forum, where you can talk to other users about and not about the wiki.

Joining the Wiki

To edit and create pages on the wiki, you first need to read the informational pages about the wiki's rules, the story and writing guides, and the wiki's legal information. We would also encourage you to simply read the wiki pages as well at your leisure. These pages are linked below:

After you read those pages, you will learn the website's password. You can use the website's password to join the wiki on this page or the main page. Once you have joined the wiki, you can edit and create pages, and talk in the forums to the other members.

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